HOA Fees And Assessments


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The Association has an obligation to collect all HOA fees and assessments from its members. When owners become delinquent there are prescribed methods both in the California Civil Code and the HOA’s CC&Rs that we follow. The collection procedure is spelled out in detail each year when it accompanies the new year’s budget


A notice of default also known as a pre lien letter is a notice that is sent certified to any owner who is 45 days delinquent with their HOA dues or special assessments. You have within 30 days from the date of the notice to pay the amount outstanding. If the amount is not paid the HOA can proceed with recording a lien against your unit.

It is important to contact the supervisor for your HOA regarding any concerns you may have if you cannot pay the account in full. This will help you from incurring any further legal fees. The notice of default fee is $45.00 and is charged to your account.
A lien is a legal document placed on a unit when a homeowner is 75 days delinquent. This document is recorded with the county recorder’s office and is placed to secure the debt that is owed to the HOA. If a lien is not satisfied the HOA can proceed 30 days after a lien is recorded with initiating foreclosure. A copy of the recorded lien is also mailed certified to you. The lien fee is $235.00 and is charged to your account.
If your file was referred to an outside company for foreclosure we cannot take any further payments in-house. Westcom uses two main trustee companies and an Attorney’s office to proceed with foreclosures and evictions. Their contact information can be found on their websites.
Please read your notices carefully and pay special attention to deadlines. Once a file is referred for foreclosure you will be receiving notices from the company that your file was referred to. Foreclosure referral fee is $295.00 and is charged to your account. You will also be responsible to pay any fees owed to the trustee company once they start the foreclosure. Fees are subject to change and can range from $500.00 to over $3000.00. It is important to contact the HOA as soon as you become delinquent to avoid any further legal fees.
You can obtain such information at www.davis-stirling.com
Take a few minutes to browse through their website and view the current laws.
If you would like to propose a payment plan your request must be put in writing. You will need to either email the property supervisor or you can mail your request to our office:

20631 Ventura Blvd. #202
Woodland Hills Ca. 91364

Please include your HOA name, account number, name, amount you are willing to pay and your most current contact information. The HOA supervisor will forward your request to the board and will reply as soon as the board makes a decision. There is a monitoring fee for payment plans that are monitored in-house which is $125.00 and charged to your account.
Each association varies and you can find this information in the collection policy package mailed to you yearly.


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We work closely with each HOA board who employ us. It is at their discretion that we follow all the bylaws stated in each association's CC&R's.